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Our Progarms

6 weeks – 12 months
Cambridge Academy’s infant program is dedicated to offering your baby a nurturing and loving environment that provides continuity between home and school. Our emphasis is a one on one relationship with a caring and experienced caregiver.

12-24 months
Cambridge Academy’s toddler program recognizes that each child is unique and special with differing talents and gifts. Our focus is to provide a loving environment where your toddler can grow and mature to their fullest.

24-36 months
Cambridge Academy’s two year old program is designed to make your child feel connected and supported in their every changing lives. Caregivers who know and understand how to meet their physical and emotional needs.

36-48 months
Cambridge Academy’s preschool programs help your child build confidence through hands on developmental appropriate activities that encourage creativity, exploration and learning. Experiences that engage and inspire your preschooler.

36-48 months
Cambridge Academy’s pre-kindergarten program helps your child realize their greatest potential in all learning domains. A variety of learning experiences are planned that provide opportunities for interaction with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.

5-12 years
Cambridge Academy’s school age program includes before / after school care with full day care on school holidays and fun and educational Summer Camp. A wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities are provided to fill your school age child’s day when their homework is complete.

Cambridge Academy has been providing fun and educational summer camps since 1997.
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After School