How to Improve Your Paintings

Artists of all levels can get stuck while at their easel. It’s hard to find inspiration. You can’t make your painting complete, but you also don’t want to overwork it. You have to wait a while before you realize that you’ve found what you are looking for. Here are 5 ways you can improve the quality of your alcohol ink art artists without having to spend days or weeks working on them.

1. Simple is best

You don’t have to use too much paint or add too many colors. Nor do you need to fill the canvas with a lot of objects. To create an impressive piece of contemporary art, you don’t need to use too many different elements. Recall “Black Square”, by Kazimir Malevich, and its simplicity. The viewer will not be able to focus on the main message of the painting if there is too much information.

2. Mixed Media

You will gain new insights by experimenting with your art materials. Mixing gouache and watercolors is a great idea. The art will be infused with a variety of transparencies, making it appear fresh and new. You can also use acrylics and India ink. Try drawing around the edge of an object that has already been painted with dry pastels. Paintings with integrated drawings will look unique and impress your viewer.

3. The Rhythm

In art, rhythm is the process of creating a visual pace on a canvas through repetitions in various ways. This is one way to get the viewers’ eyes moving around a painting. Music is said to stimulate rhythm. You should give it a try!

4. The Unfinished Look

It may seem absurd, but it is the best way to add magic to your artwork. Just leave some parts of the painting unfinished. Leave them incomplete and let the viewers wonder about their meaning. You can achieve a similar effect by letting the paint drip. This will emphasize that the piece was made by hand and that there were several stages of painting before it reached its final form.

5. Add contrast

Colors that are complementary will produce the greatest contrast, and the result is a painting with a pleasing visual appeal. For a better result, you should include value contrast. It not only adds drama to your artwork, but it also creates an amazing play of color and light effects. Paintings of this type evoke strong emotions and interest from the viewers. You’ll love the results if you use contrast to create your artworks.

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